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VSS® is Engineered Structured Secured

Acoustics and Noise Control

VSS® has better noise attenuation properties than conventional concrete noise barrier (CNB) walls
VSS® walls can be shorter than conventional concrete noise barriers (CNB) walls. Transmission losses (TL) of VSS® walls are much greater (40-60dB) than government standards (15-29dB).


Studies indicated that "the more vegetation, the quieter the soundscape".


Roadway design should incorporate elements that increase attractiveness of travel corridors and cityscapes.
VSS® walls planted with lush vegetation can reduce driver stress and frustration while significantly beautifying both sides of the roadways and railways

Air Pollution

Studies have shown that particulate matter and Nitrous Oxide pollution can be reduced by as much as 60% and 40% respectively by planting of vegetation in street canyons. This benefit continues even when the source of pollution is removed (ie light rail) thus acting as an efficient urban pollution filter

Life Cycle Assessment

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies performed by The University of British Columbia comparing VSS® to CNB in terms of GWP (Global warming potential) and other factors using Athena Impact Estimator to calculate and compare environmental impact found:

   a. The VSS® wall had an overall environmental impact that is 54% lower than CNB walls
   b. Each 100 foot section of VSS® saves 50,000 megajoules (379 gallons of gasoline) of energy compared to CNB.
   c. Emits 5 tons less Carbon Dioxide than a CNB wall.
   d. Decreases acidification, respiratory effects and smog potential by at least 50% compared to CNB walls

Solar Powered Storm Water Disposal System

Recent studies from Western Washington University and the show how toxic oil and particulates from our roads can be to marine life. VSS® has developed a patent pending solar powered stormwater disposal system which effectively filters the toxic runoff from our highways.

Biodiversity and Habitat

VSS® horticultural partner, Etera, has developed proprietary planting systems using custom grown plants specifically tailored to our walls and the climactic conditions where installed. We provide native plants and draught tolerant species when required. Special nectar-rich sedum species have been developed to enhance dwindling bee and bird populations.

Pre-Engineered and Seismically Superior

VSS® walls are pre-engineered and much quicker and easier to build than CNB walls. The walls can be constructed with less native ground disturbance and easily disassembled (in 5 foot sections) and reassembled to allow for repair to underground utilities if necessary. The articulated design of VSS® walls allows for flexibility and differential settlement in the case of seismic events. According to a University of Washington study, "no adverse performance of geosynthetic structures was observed, even where other types of structures experienced failures and/or other poor performance."

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