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VSS® is Vegetated Sound Structures

The VSS® wall system, patent pending, is a free standing, soil filled, sound barrier wall. It is foliage covered on all sides with sedum tiles, grasses and flowers. VSS® walls significantly reduce noise but, unlike conventional walls, are far more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These walls provide colorful, graffiti free plantings, while reducing vehicle pollutants and producing oxygen from exhaust emissions. They also provide habitat and food for birds and vital insects such as bees. VSS® was developed by a local pre-cast concrete manufacturer. The University of British Columbia tested and found numerous environmental, cost and time advantages over conventional sound barriers. The University's studies, testing, research, and documentation of VSS® are funded by British Columbia's Ministry of Transportation. These reports are available for review.

Press Release

Drought Tolerant Plantings Quickly Cover Concrete Structure

Mt. Vernon, WA Sept 2, 2015:

Testing and development are underway and new drought tolerant plantings are covering the concrete structures of the VSSĀ® (Vegetated Sound Structures) walls faster than expected. In less than 2 months coverage is almost complete. The new plants, once rooted, need no irrigation.

Innovative, lushly planted, noise reduction wall debuts

Mt. Vernon, WA May 2, 2015:

VSS® (Vegetated Sound Structures) is excited to announce the first delivery of their innovative green sound wall. The result of a two year partnership between VSS® and The University of British Columbia, the walls combine free-standing sound reducing walls with native plants to provide unparalleled reduction of highway noise, green-house gasses and pollution.

Wall Delivery

VSS wall components being loaded onto one of our delivery trucks.

Watch VSS® Videos

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Construction of VSS® Wall

Planting of VSS® Wall


End view of wall showing weed preventing skirt along base.


Wall showing weed preventing skirt along base.